2023 Board Elections

The call for nominations for the ESTS Board is currently open, until Monday 20 March 2023.

There are currently up to four vacancies on the board, which we aim to fill before the start of the next Annual Conference (ESTS 2023, Canterbury, 13-14 April). More information about nominations can be found here: https://textualscholarship.eu/board/2023-board-elections/.

All paid members of the ESTS are eligible to nominate themselves or others. If you registered for the Annual Conference last year (ESTS 2022, Oxford), you are already a paid member. If you are not currently a member but would like to take part in the nominations, you will be able to pay the membership fee before the deadline and attach proof of payment to your nomination. For more information about general ESTS membership, please refer to https://textualscholarship.eu/membership/. Please also be advised that we currently offer a discounted rate for membership fees for 2023, that will be valid until 30 May 2023. Until then, students and unaffiliated members pay a fee of 30 EUR, while regular members pay a fee of 35 EUR. 

Nominations should be sent to our Society’s Secretary Wout Dillen (wout.dillen@hb.se) by Monday 20 March 2023, and should include 1) a reference to another Member of our Society who supports the nomination; 2) a confirmation of the candidate’s willingness to stand for election, and 3) a brief letter of motivation. 

The ESTS Board will consider all valid nominations, keeping in mind the purpose of the association as well as overall geographical representation of members of the Board, and more general aspects of diversity. Given the current composition of the Board, we especially encourage proposals from women, people of color, and other minorities in Europe. To ensure the effective functioning of the Board, we particularly encourage applications from candidates who are committed to taking an active role on the Board. 

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