2023 Board Elections

Dear member of the European Society for Textual Scholarship,

With this message, we would like to open the call for nominations for up to four positions in the ESTS Board for the next election period. This period will start on 13 April 2023, at the start of our upcoming conference in Canterbury. Board members are elected for four years (2023-2027).


In general, Board members help steer the direction the Society is taking by appointing Officers, deciding on matters pertaining to the Society’s activities (such as our conference and the journal Variants), and allocating the Society’s funds. For more detailed information pertaining the Board’s activities and the responsibilities of individual Board members, please refer to the Society’s bylaws (esp. section 3).

The ESTS Board generally convenes at least once a year, at a Board meeting organised at the Society’s annual conference. While Board members are greatly encouraged to attend these meetings in person, doing so is not strictly required. In the past, provisions have been made to allow Board members to attend the Board meeting remotely. When necessary, similar arrangements will be attempted in the future as well. In between conferences, Board members communicate and decide on more urgent matters arising via email.


Every member of ESTS has the right to nominate candidates for a position on the Board. Every member of the ESTS may be nominated for election of the Board provided that the nominee is:

  1. considered a ‘Member in Good Standing’ of the Society (see below);
  2. supported for nomination by at least one member of the Society;
  3. confirms their willingness to stand for election by sending an email to that effect, including the required documentation (detailed below) to the Secretary of the ESTS before the deadline.

Note on ‘Members in Good Standing’

Specifically, for this election, eligible candidates are considered a ‘Member in Good Standing’, when they have paid their ESTS membership fees for any of the following:

  • ESTS 2022 (Oxford)
  • ESTS 2023 (Canterbury)
  • independently from the Society’s Annual Conference by bank transfer in the year 2022 or 2023 (up to the expiration date of this call for nominations).

At ESTS 2022 (Oxford), membership fees were included in the registration fee. As a result, all participants at that conference automatically meet this eligibility requirement. At ESTS 2023 (Canterbury), membership fees need to be paid separately. As a result, eligible members who did not participate at the ESTS 2022 conference in Oxford need to attach a proof of payment to their nomination.

Note on ‘Support from another Member of the Society’

For this eligibility criterium, mentioning the name and a current email address of another Member of ESTS suffices; supporting members do not necessarily need to be cc:d in the nomination email. Be aware, however, that supporting members may be contacted to confirm their support.

If you do not know any other Members of ESTS personally who may support your nomination, feel free to contact individual Members of the Board, or to send a message to board@textualscholarship.eu to present your case. Board members will be happy to support viable, enthusiastic candidates.

Members of the Society are allowed to support multiple candidates simultaneously.


The ESTS Board will consider all valid nominations, keeping in mind the purpose of the association as well as overall geographical representation of members of the Board, and more general aspects of diversity. Given the current composition of the Board, we especially encourage proposals from women, people of color, and other minorities in Europe. To ensure the effective functioning of the Board, we particularly encourage applications from candidates who are committed to taking an active role on the Board.

Nominations should be sent to the Secretary of the European Society for Textual Scholarship: Wout Dillen (wout.dillen@hb.se) by Monday 20 March 2023. Valid nominations should include:

  1. a confirmation of willingness to stand for election;
  2. the name of another Member of the ESTS who supports the nominee’s candidature;
  3. a Letter of Motivation with a short description why the nominee is an especially suitable candidate for the position;
  4. a proof of payment of the ESTS Membership fee (only if the nominee did not register for the ESTS 2022 conference in Oxford).

In the case that more eligible candidates come forward than there are vacancies in the Board, we will organise an election where each Member of the Society can cast their votes on their preferred candidate(s). In this event, the Letters of Motivation provided by the nominees will serve to inform voters of their background and intentions.

Further questions about the election process, as well as he responsibilities of the Board, may be directed to the Society’s Secretary, or to the ESTS Board in general (board@textualscholarship.eu).