Editor: Wim Van Mierlo
Associate Editor: Alexandre Fachard

Variants is the annual, peer-reviewed journal of The European Society for Textual Scholarship. Individuals and institutions can subscribe to the journal by taking out membership in the Society. To date eleven volumes have been published. The inaugural issue, edited by H.T.M. Van Vliet and P.M.W. Robinson, was published by Brepols (Turnhout, Belgium) in 2002. It is no longer available in print. All subsequent volumes were published by Brill (previously: Rodopi). All back issues may be ordered directly from the publisher; please find a list of these issues here.

Latest Issue

The most recent issue, Variants 11 (2014), contains articles presenting an array of interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to the theory and practice of textual scholarship. With its traditionally strong focus on textual editing in the electronic era, this issue has no less than four articles on the frameworks, principles and aspects of state of the art digital editions and best practice in the use of computers in scholarly editing. Other contributions are devoted to the sociology of texts, authorial agency, modern codicology, and the problems of editing large text traditions in English, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Spanish literature and history.

Guidelines for Submissions

Variants invites submissions on any aspect of textual scholarship and the theory and practice of scholarly editing and textual criticism. We accept original articles written in English of no more than 7000 words.  Articles may be submitted at any time, but note that submissions received after June may not be considered for the first upcoming issue. Translated articles and articles published elsewhere will not be accepted.

Information about the stylesheet is available here. For all inquires, please contact the Editor, Wim Van Mierlo.

Book reviews

Variants publishes substantial reviews copies of books on textual scholarship, scholarly editing and cognate fields of interest, and of scholarly-critical editions (whether digital or print).  Review copies may be sent to the Editor at:

Dr Wim Van Mierlo
Department of English, Drama and Publishing
Loughborough University
Leiceistershire LE11 3TU
United Kingdom