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  • Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts Digital Edition
  • The Canterbury Tales Project: this fifteen years old project has pioneered the application of computer methods to the analysis and publication of texts. It particularly emphazises the use of phylogenetic software for the study of large manuscript traditions.
  • Casa Fernando Pessoa – Digital Library: this online archive of Pessoa’s personal library contains images of the many printed pages that contain the poet’s annotations, commentaries, translations and several other prose and verse texts, as well as drawings, horoscopes and calligraphic exercises.
  • Caxton’s Canterbury Tales
  • Digital Nestle-Aland
  • The Lexicon of Scholarly Editing  is an open access academic resource developed at the Centre for Manuscript Genetics (UAntwerp, Belgium) that offers definitions for contested concepts in the field of Scholarly Editing and Textual Criticism. Rather than writing new definitions for these concepts, the Lexicon gathers definitions from academic journals and monographs, thereby aiming to reveal the lively multilingual debates these concepts have spurred in the field.
  • The Parsival Project
  • Pico Project
  • The Samuel Beckett Digital Manuscript Project. From their website: ‘The purpose of the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project is to reunite the manuscripts of Samuel Beckett’s works in a digital way, and to facilitate genetic research: the project brings together digital facsimiles of documents that are now preserved in different holding libraries, and adds transcriptions of Beckett’s manuscripts, tools for bilingual and genetic version comparison, a search engine, and an analysis of the textual genesis of his works.’
  • The Digital Edition of the Wycliffite Bible. ‘The Wycliffite Bible: Digital Edition is an outcome of a three-year (2016-19) project, ‘Towards a New Edition of the Wycliffite Bible’, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AH/N001591/1), with additional support from the English Faculty, New College and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. The aim of the project was to do preliminary work necessary for a new edition of the Wycliffite Bible, comprising a study of the textual tradition of the Bible, the production of editions of selected Old and New Testament books and the creation of a technical framework for editing a complete biblical text in future.’
  • The Herman Melville Electronic Library: a comprehensive critical digital archive of Melville’s works.

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