ESTS 2010

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Texts Worth Editing

Seventh Annual Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa
25-27 November 2010

The conference schedule will be as follows.
The Thursday and Friday sessions are held at the CNR, Pisa. The Saturday session will be hosted by the Società Dantesca Italiana, and held in the Palagio dell’Arte della Lana, Florence. Please see the full programme for details.

All text editing begins with a choice: what text to edit.  How do we choose the text we edit? Are all texts worth editing, simply because they are texts? Even once we have chosen what we are to edit, further choices lie ahead of us.  If a text exists in many versions, and in many documents: are all versions, and all documents, equally worthy of editing?  If we choose to focus on a particular version, or a particular document, how do we make this choice, and how do we justify it to others?  Once we have made these decisions: choices of method will also be affected by perceptions of value.  Should we publish the full text of a particular version or document; or publish its variants only, in an apparatus? and if we choose to publish variants only: what are our criteria to determine which variants are worth publishing?

The programme chairs invite the submission of full panels or individual papers devoted to the discussion of current research into the different aspects of textual work, preferably focusing on the topics mentioned above.

All participants must register in advance of the conference to guarantee a place. Please use the the form below or send the completed form via e-mail attachment to Laura Cignoni at laura.cignoni[at] The conference fee of EURO 75 is payable on arrival and includes registration and lunch. The conference hosts would be pleased to receive your registration before 15 November.

Please note that ALL speakers, respondents and panel chairs must be members of the Society. To renew your membership, please visit the “members” section of the website.

The above details are also posted on the host‘s website at the Instituto di Linguistica Antonio Zampolli. Please contact Peter Robinson, the programme chair, for further information.

Conference committee:

Peter Robinson (ESTS, Birmingham) and Andrea Bozzi (Pisa): co-chairs

Marco Rufino (Florence), Laura Cignoni (Pisa), Caroline Macé (ESTS, Leuven)